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Thread: Saying goodbye to a friend...

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    Saying goodbye to a friend...

    I had to say goodbye to my sweet dog, Pepper, this morning. It's only been 12 hours, and I am missing her greeting me at the door, jumping up and down with excitement when I picked up her leash, bringing her water dish into the living room and dropping it noisily on the floor to tell us it was empty, her almost perfect obedience. When I said "Bedtime" to her, she would gallop into the crate and wait for me to close the door, with a grin on her face.

    But my wife and I discussed it and decided it was for the best. We are having workmen in the house for 6 our of the next 9 days, and it would be stressful for her. So, we've sent her to be boarded with a trainer until the work is finished. Nine sleeps until I see her again! How will I survive!?

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    Roger, you're KILLING me here! You're just lucky its a 8hr flight!

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    Well you really got me I thought your dog had passed.

    I know how much we love out dogs & well that wasn't funny.

    But I can understand missing Pepper.
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    You are an evil man, Roger Tulk! Pepper is going to poop in your shoe for this.

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    If I was there I'd ,,,,, on his shoes for that. I'm happy how it ended though.
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    That was a nasty trick, Roger! Those of us who love our dogs like you do were thinking the worst. Sure glad it wasn't that!

    Just look forward to the reunion next week!
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    I lost my little Chewey in November. He was an awesome little Pomeranian and I miss him DEARLY.

    I thought that you lost your pal too.

    I can only wish my Chewey was coming back to me.

    Chewey is short for Chewbaka

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    Not funny Roger
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