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Thread: Shop floor

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    Shop floor

    I am in the process of building a new shop. Was curious what type of finish some you put on a concrete floor. Sealer or paint.

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    I put sealer on mine.
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    Left mine unsealed didnt want a slick floor
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    In the past I just used concrete paint worked great.
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    I used the 2-part epoxy floor paint with colored sprinkles in my last shop, and although it looked great, it could get slippery with dry sawdust on it. We used the same stuff on our laundry room floor, and even though we prepped the bare concrete meticulously per the instructions, after 10 years we were starting to see spots where the paint was peeling. In my new (to me) shop, I'm planning to just use the bare concrete floor as-is.
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    I used a 2 part Sherwin Williams Industrial Marine epoxy coating.

    It has been 13 years and no wear through - looks great.

    With humidity it looks like I sprayed it with a hose - water condenses on it - badly.

    Even with the non-slip sand mixed in it is slippery when wet.

    I have learned to live with the slippery and wet.
    A/C & dehumidifier keeps it dry in summer - but doors need to be closed.

    The wet and slippery is the only downside.

    The look and durability is a great big upside

    It is not paint! It is also not inexpensive.

    If I could have done a heavy duty wood floor - that would be my first choice, but I did not have that option.

    I would consider doing the coating again - but with knowing the downside.

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    Pay attention to the warning about the slickness. Our garage has the epoxy coating (on top of glass smooth concrete) and it's downright dangerous when it's the slightest bit damp. Otherwise, it's pretty nice, looks good...sweeps easily, brightens up the room.

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    Thanks for the replys. I am not so worried about having a painted look. My concern is with raw concrete you just can't seem to ever get all the dust up. I am leaning toward either a stain so it won't peel or just a clear concrete sealer. Thanks for the warning on being slick. Hadn't really thought about that. I almost went with a wood floor. There are a lot of advantages to it. But I didnt.

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    ken i would use the 2x2 wood tiles with a moister barrier under it.. one its not slippery and two its easier on your legs
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    My buddy used the commonly available epoxy product, Not slick at all, good grip. Has withstood his motorcycle hobby for years now and still looks great. The stuff is pretty amazing IMHO. For my shop I would go with a wood floor if at all possible since the epoxy coating is great and all but, does nothing to change the characteristics of concrete. You would still need mats for comfort.
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