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    This bowl was three months in the making. Started it three months ago and things went south with my back. Wrapped a t-shirt around the bowl in the hope of getting back to it before it was hopeless and tarped over everything. By the time the back eased a little I was snowed under around the place and wood turning took a back seat. I have been flinching just thinking about all the rust on lathe and chuck under that tarp but finally unbuttoned it a few days ago. Not too bad and the bowl was almost salvageable. Had warped badly enough that I didn't have any real options concerning shape and there is still a very thin spot in one side.

    I was worried about breakage around the pith where it was cracked a little before I started turning the roughed out blank three months ago. That held, the punky stuff and around it tore like toilet paper when I was a little rough holding it in one hand and wiping on the Lacquer. Glued and might salvage enough to throw on my junk shelf. This was just a practice piece to try to avoid ruining the next piece of wood anyway. Three and a half inches tall, eight and a half inches wide and despite the way it looks here, 3/16" sidewalls on the bowl. A couple of coats of lacquer here, needs a light sanding to get the paper towel lint off, maybe another coat of lacquer, and buffing. Suspicious that this bowl won't survive buffing so I took a few pictures now. May skip buffing the inside since I don't have any buffing balls yet.

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    That's a nice-looking bowl, especially considering its less-that-ideal start. What kind of wood is it?
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    I have slept a few times since I hung that piece on the lathe. Pretty sure it is spalted cherry, a wild cherry we have around here that makes a very tiny little berry. Does have the nice blooms and I have wondered about grafting them to get a cherry that would produce as warm as it is down here.

    Edit: Most of that cherry spalts instantly, I see this piece was just a bit rotten and punky.

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    Glad your lathe survived and you managed to get turning again, Hu. That's a nice little bowl...just right for some M&M's

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