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Thread: Sadly It is My Turn

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    Sadly It is My Turn

    Seems like this is posted all to often on the this forum, but today was my day to say good-bye to my best friend ever. Had to have Alex, my dobbie put down. I may have waited too long and it was selfish on my part. He has had arthritis in his hind legs for sometime and was having a very difficult time getting up and walking. This morning he just could not make it. He will be missed. He never left my side since he was a puppy. But, it was comforting to see him finally at peace and out of pain. I feel bad, I just could not let go sooner.

    R.I.P. Alex

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    Really sorry to hear that Paul. Mine are getting up there and I'm dreading the day!

    That's a beautiful remembrance

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    Bummer, Paul! I know how attached to him, from other discussions we've had.

    I know how much he'll be missed, but please remember the good times you had with him, and feel comfort in knowing you did the 'right thing' in relieving his suffering.
    Jim D.
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    So sorry Paul. It is tough losing a best friend like Alex I know. Praying for some peace for you at this time.Ours is 12 1/2 and we dont even want to think about that day.

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    That sucks Paul...glad you have the memories.
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    Sad news Paul. It's heartbreaking to lose your best buddy.
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    I've had to do this far too often. I feel for your loss.

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    Sorry to hear this Paul. I'll bet you have great memories & pictures too.

    Our cameras seem to be used mostly to take pic's of our Doxie's
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    I'm sorry to hear that paul, my wife told me that if I wanted to get another dog I could she seem to be ready for that but I told her if I was to get another dog I'm also going to get a sidecar for motorcycle. That's what I've ended that conversation lol
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    Sorry for your loss Paul. Very nice scroll picture.

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