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Thread: Little idea help folks

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    Little idea help folks

    So another smaller mill for the shop and I'm not happy with the top. Narrower, shorter....just don't know. The collective mind is far better than my 2-3 brain cells left in the cellar. Many thanks
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    I like the bottom shape, but think the top would look better more rounded.

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    I think Ted nailed it
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    Well I guess I am #3. I was going to suggest that the top be thinner and sort of like the top of a mushroom.

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    I really like the wood and the body shape.

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    Whatever style the top is, be sure that a woman with small hands can make it work easily. I've made several tops that were right for me but uncomfortable for small or arthritic hands. There's a sweet spot there somewhere....ya just gotta find it.

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    Rook it.

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    It actually looks kind of like the handle end of a baseball bat. Which leads me to think, Why not make it look just like the end of a baseball bat. Maybe a baseball fan would like it? Maybe laser engrave it with the Reno Aces logo? Just to let them know you could custom make it with any baseball logo? Of course, I have no idea on the legality of that sort of thing or whether it is patentable.
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    Another for rounding the top.
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    I agree with rounding the top but also making sure that the resulting diameter of the top is visibly as well as actually smaller than the major diameter of the bottom. Right now to me it looks top heavy.

    If you were to turn the top spherical or ovoid I think it would be more pleasing to the eye. If you were to round the top so that at the bottom of the top it tucked in at the chamfer point of the base I think that would look better.
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    I agree with the others about rounding the top. When I first looked at the mill I thought the bottom looked good but the top was a little large and not cohesive.
    Just referring to the top itself, the sides, the top and the bottom of it look like they're unrelated to each other. Rounding it more will fix that. Think of the top of a button mushroom. To me, that shape would work with that base.
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