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Thread: Kudos to Carbide Processors

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    Kudos to Carbide Processors

    I just had to stop and give a tip of the hat to Tom Waltz and Carbide Processors. The cuts with their 55T plywood blade (37322) are nothing short of outstanding. The total absence of saw marks on this none-too-flat shop ply is amazing. A good saw setup is critical but, quality cutters really take advantage of a tuned up saw.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The carbide on their blades is massive. I have a couple of blades that have been sharpened once and would not be able to tell you which they were if I didn't know. The usable lifetime of these cutters is top notch and this makes them a great value.

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    dont have any of those, but i do know that a supreme blade is a dream to use,, glad this company supplies that
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    Yeah, a great cutting TS blade is like a great cutting plane iron---It is just so darned sweet to hear and feel them go through the wood.

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