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Thread: Welcome me back

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    Welcome me back

    I've been absent for a month or so due to some health issues and daughter's wedding last week (stealth gloat) and I come back to find FWW has a big mess on its hands. A big hairy mess at Tod's place that is...

    It's good to be back..and FWIW...after numerous tests and doc appts....he ends up telling me I'm fat and out of shape ...Geeze doc, I can get that kind of abuse at home. Thanks for the news..I would have never guessed it.

    I registered to vote but was "away" and missed the election...but must say I think we have an excellent group of mods. Thanks for volunteering folks. But if you mess up...Now I can always say "I didn't vote for HIM"...

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    OK, I will do what you ask. Welcome back John!
    Cheers, Frank

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Pellow View Post
    OK, I will do what you ask. Welcome back John!
    Me too - welcome back John.

    Thank me very much!
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    Welcome back John. Glad the doc gave you the all clear.

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    glad you`re back john! ya` know sawdust is fiber...........
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    Glad to you hear you are just fat and old, happens to most of us

    Good to see you back!
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