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Thread: Grinder Stand, Small Scrap Storage, Cleat Fixture

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    Grinder Stand, Small Scrap Storage, Cleat Fixture

    I have too much other stuff going on this weekend to start applying finish to my latest project. Faced with only part of a day to work, I checked the list and my small scrap storage has risen to the top. I stuck a grinder on top of my current small scrap cubby-type storage since I don't use one much but, it is nice to have it handy for grinding the ends smooth on bolts after cutting them off and such.

    The grinder was a gift and despite my best efforts is still a rattle-trap. The result is little bits of exotics vibrating out of the cubbies whenever the grinder is winding up or down. Grandpa's old Sears and Roebuck, Dunlop grinder was handed down by dad and runs like a dream. Here's what I thought up over coffee:

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    Here's the old setup:

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    Here I am now; the grinder is lower and out of the feed path. It is also more comfortable for me to use (in the way that I use it) . You can tell from the multi-colors that some of this was made from scrap.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The small scraps of exotics will get a brutal going through. The survivors can live in the plastic shoe boxes that fit in the new fixture. I have standardized a lot of my smaller storage in these specific shoe boxes and the Plano divided boxes you see in my shop here and there.. Almost anything I make for the shop as far as tool stands or storage units will accommodate these plastic doo-jobbers as part of the design. This makes it easy to change my mind as to where stuff goes.

    Like most of my shop fixtures, I will hit it with a coat of shellac. I also hit the cleat and the back where it touches the wall with paste wax to avoid it "becoming as one" with the shop wall should it live in one spot very long. Believe me, it happens . . . DAMHIKT . OK, time for some lunch.
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    Looks good, Glenn. I'm seriously looking at how and where to utilize a cleat system in my new shop. It's still gonna be a while before I'm in a position to start setting things up, but unlike my last shop, I'm starting out with essentially zero built-in storage, so I have some open wall space to work with.
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