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Thread: Wedding present

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    Wedding present

    A few months ago I gave a home made cutting board (cheese) to some newlyweds. I received this pic taken the evening they were opening the presents. Do you think they liked it?

    Last I heard, they were still happily married.
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    Ho looks Italian. I hope you finished with olive oil.
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    Hi John,
    I've seen better ways of displaying gifts but they seem happy with it. Looks like a nice gift whatever the use.
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    Looks good, but you wanna bet that once she gets hold of it, she does use it like that

    Looks like they are happy with it!
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    That's why I don't put handles on my cutting boards...I don't want to give LOML any ideas. I get regular beatin's as it is...I don't want her having any weapons.
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    Isn't SHE supposed to be hitting HIM with it? Has something changed?

    Maybe I'm thinking of skillets...


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