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Thread: Clamps and Bench Working Together

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    Clamps and Bench Working Together

    Making a shelf for a base cabinet that I built for the wife's hobby room (room all done except for this shelf). Noticed that the cut pre-finished plywood had a slight bow. Since I was gluing up an oversized front edge to help stiffen the 34" plus long shelf, I was hoping that it could also help take out the bow. Problem is I had to glue the front edge with the bow removed.

    Now that is what is nice about the type of bench that I have. I stuck one end in the vise and used a holdfast to flatten out the bow. Then I just glued and clamped the front edge.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ok, maybe a little overboard on the clamps and no, I did not use them all. Plenty of them left.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    good to see your bench at work bill and that tool box in the back ground looks like it might be a two person job to get to the next job site
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    Glad to see your slipping in some shop time Bill man I love your bench

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    Very resourceful and a cool use of the bench Bill.
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    Good to see u getting shop time Bill.

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