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Thread: World needs a snow storm

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    World needs a snow storm

    it is so peaceful outside right now...16 & 1/2 inches of fresh snow over the past 24 hrs or so. Got the truck down to the corner and the wife took over and she made it to work. The main streets are awful, but the side streets are 10 times worse. See 75% or so of my neighbors didn't even try to get out. You could hear a pin drop if it had something hard to fall on. Hope those of you caught in this one faired well
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    We've got a helluva mess. Snowed about 6~7 inches, then last evening the temp went up to 37° and it rained. That compacted the snow down to about 3~4 inches, and then temperature dropped quite quickly to 17° and now there's an inch of ice on top of everything. Previously plowed surfaces are particularly bad, with the hard layer of ice on top of the compacted show. Took me over half an hour to go the four miles to the doctor's office this morning - usually a ten minute trip.

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    We lost power yesterday while out doing morning chores. Got it back on today around 12:30 am. Cannot believe people want to be linemen! Things in the house are starting to feel warm to the touch.
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    We got just over 12" here. Took a long time to get to that total though so it was pretty easy to keep up with it. Lots of area schools canceled but ours did not. Roads are slick, but not to bad. Lots of sunshine today but only about 15 degrees for the high. Roads should be great by the end of the sun this evening.
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    yeah ken we got around 16" as well and then the wind blew to drift that around, just got done shoveling walks for folks and got there wood in then did my walk and had a guy plow part of the driveway. winter is back
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    World needs a snowstorm.

    That is like saying --- If everyone would just slow down and chill out the world would be a better place.

    YES - I agree

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    Yup, almost a 1/4" on my driveway this morning, drifts of 1/2" or more in other areas, almost called in and said I couldn't make it.

    Actually we just missed that storm, I think the north side of KC got a few inches, but only a dusting down south. Hope everyone that is caught in it stays safe and warm.

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    Well we got plastered too. Thank goodness i found the spare shear bolts for my blower over the weekend and put them in and filled her up.
    Took Linda to work this am then went to gym for hour and half and then came home and got stuck into snow. Took good two hours to clean up now i think thats emough excercise for the day. I am bushed now i will start my real work oy vey what a day. Need a good hot cuppa joe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Cook View Post
    it is so peaceful outside right now...16 & 1/2 inches of fresh snow over the past 24 hrs or so....
    Now that I'm retired and don't have to dig out unless I want to, that kind of snow is great. Love snowshoeing through the woods when there is a nice blanket of the white stuff on the ground. Mother nature has a way of reminding us how easy it is for her to change our lives.

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    Well, we are inundated with severe sunshine today. Shorts and short sleeves. More importantly that warm sun on the skin that brightens us seasonably affected people who can be tortured by cloudy, gloomy days of which we have seen more of the last couple of weeks.

    This is not to rub it in to those of you with more than enough snow and cold. It is simply to point out nothing is perfect.

    But some days come close.

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