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Thread: Loose Tenon w/channel

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    Loose Tenon w/channel

    Wondering if anyone has done this and even if you haven't will it still be okay.

    I am going to make a loose tenon joint, but one of the pieces has a dadoe on the top of it. So if I take the loose tenon and glue it to that piece first then make the dadoe it should be okay shouldn't it? The depth of the dadoe and the top of the tenon are in same place so I will only have glue contact on three sides of the tenon once the dadoe is cut.

    See picture, just pretend the tenon shown is a loose one.

    My other option is to cut the tenon like normal and then round over the corners to fit in the mortise. Don't suggest squaring the mortise as I am leaving it rounded and doing a loose tenon or round over a regular tenon.

    Thanks for any suggestions
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    I don't see a problem with dadoing afterwards Aaron

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    I agree. No worries Aaron.
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