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Thread: We've had some pretty nice weather

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    We've had some pretty nice weather

    this past couple of weeks, so I did get in a little shop time. I've been touring the habitat, humane societies, area ministry stores and stocking up on glasses to re-purpose. These are a few I've gotten done....

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    This set of 4 are about 6 oz capacity and just over 7 inches tall....they originally had dark green stems... once cut off and set on the wood stems the only place you can see the stems are the dark green dot in the bottom of the glass... the stems are Lourdes Canales... a nice golden wood with a great iridescence.... finish is gloss polyurethane.

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    These are etched with a grapevine and bunches of grapes.. they're also smaller globes.. maybe 4 to 6 oz capacity, overall height is about 6 1/4 inches and again finished with polyurethane... the stems are Red Heart.

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    This pair of champagne flutes are green tinted glass, not sure of the size of the flutes, but the overall height is 9 1/2 inches... the stems are Spectraply "Confetti" pattern and again finish is poly.

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    This was a really fun pair to make.. you don't often see black champagne flutes... found them in a local KARM (Knoxville Area Rescue Ministry) store... the stems are again Spectraply "Onys" pattern and finished in poly. These are 9 3/4" tall.

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    Another fun pair to make, Cobalt Blue wine glasses... I set them on Spectraply "Blue angel" pattern, dark blue and charcoal., with maple bases... overall height is about 7 1/2 inches.
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    That's a nice batch of glasses, Chuck.
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    Those will sell very well Chuck!
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    "We've had some pretty nice weather this past couple of weeks"

    The glasses are beautiful, but those of us in the north east figure your comment about the weather must be some sort of joke!
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