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Thread: Preparing For Another Tutorial

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    Preparing For Another Tutorial

    I just thought i'd share another project for which I'm going to write and "film" tutorials.

    It'll be published at the same time as the one on the Sheraton-style table leg.

    In both cases, there's nothing especially difficult. It's just a matter of putting the tools together in the right order. It's kind of like woodworking.
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    Fantastic. I love the way you take something that, for me, would be quite difficult to get through and layout the steps and processes that lead to the result you are after. Your tutorials, DVD, articles and threads here have always helped me "up" my SketchUp capabilities.
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    Thank you, Glenn. It's always been my goal to shorten or flatten the learning curve for you folks.

    I hope that even if you aren't interested in drawing a finial like this, that there'll be little tidbits you can glean for drawing other things.

    By the way, this finial is based on a real one made by Philip C. Lowe.
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