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Thread: OK Glenn what's up

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    OK Glenn what's up

    The FWW site does not have a "block and tackle" division so I put this here.

    What's with the new avitar? Is it Mary Poppins from the 1800's? There has to be a story behind it.

    Fess up and enjoy,
    JimB (dad to you)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim C Bradley View Post
    The FWW site does not have a "block and tackle" division so I put this here.

    What's with the new avitar? Is it Mary Poppins from the 1800's? There has to be a story behind it.

    Fess up and enjoy,
    JimB (dad to you)
    Hah! I asked the same question in a PM to Glenn
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    Spider man's girlfriend decided to pose for one of those "old time" photos and this is what they came up with ...
    There's usually more than one way to do it... ........

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    OK Glenn what's up

    The Network. . . sorry, couldn't resist. For the last 30 years when folks at work ask "what's up?". My response is always "the Network".

    Album cover art from the album 'Signify' by the band 'Porcupine tree'. I see the contrast in era and content along with the 'old photo' appearance caught other's eyes as well as mine. Dad and I have similar minds. My first thought was also "Mary Poppins caught in a web".
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    I did not wonder so much about it, as I just assumed you were just subtly revealing a secret fetish...bondage. I guess the father is the last to know.
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    Maybe there will be a Shibari/Kinbaku workshop at the gathering? Dungeon furniture joinery tips??

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    Wow, I completely missed the Signify album...didn't know it existed. I have several PT albums, including some from both before and after Signify.
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    Well given I am the village idiot here and never quite "got" most of the literary works of Shakespeare or grasp much poetry, I had to look this up to see what the fuss was about.

    So here is Sever one of the songs on the album

    And given i could not make out the words i needed to look them up so here are the lyrics.

    Telepath Carbon trapped under stone
    Brother mother pale body is thrown
    Only way I know to have fun
    Fill up my blood, my veins, my lungs

    ESP city - rainy and blue
    Burn down this town, I give it to you
    Aero shallow, photograph blind
    Stage fright, black light, coma divine

    No sense of time
    Sever tomorrow
    Exitless mind - ESP Sever tomorrow

    School out invective, losing my voice
    Film shredding on in multiple choice
    America calls, I must go
    Oprah saviour, I feel that low

    My apologies but i am missing something here this is like gobblydygook stuff or code to me.

    I guess some years from now they will be analyzing these lyrics in class trying to figure out what was going on in this guys mind.
    I can see some refined chemicals playing a role in the song writing. This is as depressing as my English class was.


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    Well, I have to say Rob, I'm with you on the "gobblydygook"!
    Jesus was a Woodworker

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