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Thread: pics of my "micro" shop

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    pics of my "micro" shop

    Here is my shop. Perhaps the term "micro" isn't right, but it's small. The workshop space is 8 x 16, and is shared with the rest of the basement. Sorry for the mess of the place, but I am just getting organized in there and hope to build some storage cabinets and tool organizers so it will be cleaner looking. The sander, drill press, and band saw were made portable so I could roll them to the center table for better lighting and power supply. I also plan to add another light over the lathe as well. Anyways, thanks for looking.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks like you have things organized well for the space, Dave. Mobile carts make sense in most shops and you've done well with yours!
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    Moveable Tools makes a lot of sense! Looks like you've got a nice collection of tools going!
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    Nice shop. You can do a lot in there.
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    Looking good Dave. I have a habit of building drawers into almost anything that will take them. You've got a lot of opportunity there for storage and the items that go in the drawers don't have to pertain directly to the tool that lives on top of them.
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    Looking good Dave. I second what Glenn says. Drawers for me are kind of like clamps, the optimum number is whatever you have plus one.

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    Mine in not much bigger! I'm finding I can do all I need to do in the space available to me as long as I don't get big ideas. I have never been accused of thinking big so I think I am okay.
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    Dave - looks good

    Not the smallest shop I have seen but it looks well equipped.

    Keep in mind that from 6" and higher there is a TON of space for all sorts of stuff.

    Get creative.

    Check out how cabin boats and campers are organized for some ideas.

    Boats will tend to get "lived in" more than campers to they have more creativity is space conservation.

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    Thanks everyone for your comments and ideas. I appreciate them. I'll continue to post pics of my progress.

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    Nice shop Dave I would not apologize for the mess, its a working shop not a showcase Like Leo says well equipped looks like you have fun in there that's all that matters.

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