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Thread: How a Mouse REALLY Works

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    Talking How a Mouse REALLY Works

    Subject: How a mouse REALLY works
    This is how a mouse REALLY works, extreme close up!!!

    Just move your mouse around the screen and don't forget to left-click it!!

    Thinking about a project without ACTION is just DAY DREAMING .

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    More of that amazing Japanese technology, for sure. I always suspected that was how a mouse worked, but seeing the extreme close-up proves it. Amazing stuff.
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    Looks to me like all them middle management types that got............................................... ............................................


    They are saying things like "To the right" "to the left" forward" "backwards" as they go about their work.

    Funny, my wife and kids will get a kick out of this one!!
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    And, did anyone note the guy in the back left if the arrow gets to the top left center? That arrow is mighty heavy!! It even made my back ache.


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