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Thread: My new old bandsaw

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    My new old bandsaw

    I finally picked up an old Delta - Milwaukee band saw at an auction the other day. I have been looking and hoping for one for a while. It is cold in my shop so it just sets there. So far I have bought new tires and a carter bladesabilizer to put on it in the spring. I plan on only running a 1/8 inch blades on it. I did plug it in and it ran very nicely. It doesn't have the bandsaw wine, actually I can hardly hear it running. Old iron is like that. But then my wife says I am not hard of hearing it is just that I have selective hearing. I did look it over as well as I could at the auction in the time I had. Later in the shop I took the covers off to have a look. It seems someone put duck tape on the wheels and was runnng a 1/8th inch blade. It makes me wonder if the tires are shot and it was to keep them from comming off or somehow it helps the 1/8 blade stay on better. They can be a little fussy ever once in a while. It is interesting to say the least and I think I will have a good look before I change the tires. Any way some pictures.

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    One of the good old ones, before they started cheapening things. With very little work, it'll last another lifetime! Since it runs so quietly, the bearings must be good.

    Are your new tires OEM rubber, or aftermarket urethane? I switched over to urethane a couple years ago - after 30 years of the original rubber ones. Don't really see much, if any, difference.

    The Carter Stabilizer is a good addition for 1/8" or 3/16" blades. It almost makes a scroller out of it, allowing tighter turns and less deflection. You'll like it a lot.

    Congrats on a good purchase. Hope you got it for a good price!
    Jim D.
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    With the belt guard still on!?! Fabulous.
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    Nice looking piece of old iron Tom, ought to clean up pretty well and give a lot more years of service!

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    I bought aftermarket urethane. I have anothe saw just like it with a 1/4 inch blade perminately on the saw and I had to put new tires on it, one kept comming off. I wouldn't know the difference betweent the old rubber and the new. And yes I got it fora very good price.

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    Great find! I have been getting excellent service from my 1981 Rockwell/Beaver 10". I think Rockwell/Beaver and Delta are related products. Mine was made when they were still made in Canada. This one should serve you well.

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    That is a really nice band saw, Tom...definitely a keeper! Congratulations!
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    That looks newer to me. One might be able to put on a riser kit, as compared to the old iron I keep looking/wishing at:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I think you can find parts still for yours!

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    I'd love to find a good deal on one those. My son-in-law just picked up an early to mid seventies 14 inch Montgomery Ward saw built by Sprunger. I'm an old iron aficionado, so I love seeing these old beasts tuned up an still in use.

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    Nice saw. I was into woodworking for a good ten or fifteen years before ever using a band saw. It was a great addition to the shop and gives me a lot more options.
    Have fun with it.
    And that's the design that became the standard for decades. Time proven. And lots of accessories/parts are available.

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