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Thread: Painter's Pyramids Storage

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    Painter's Pyramids Storage

    I know, I know; when I saw this somewhere I thought "that's silly" and filed it away in the deepest recesses of my gray matter. The during a little clean-up I was looking for somewhere to put these pointy little devils, once again, and thought; why not? A block of scrap, a 1/16" slice of the edge of another scrap, cut a bandsaw slot in the block and hang it from some pegboard (or not). Poke the strip into the slot and now they're out of the way but, still handy.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    They slide on and off individually or in a stack. Iknow, I know; seems silly but, it took 5 minutes and seems to work . Thanks whoever you were that talked about or showed a pic of this somewhere.
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    I've been storing my pyramids in a partition in the front of a drawer, but that solution looks better!

    Thanks for the post, Glenn!!!
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    I've been hanging mine on a string. I tied a short stick to the end and then just slide them on/off over it - the stick goes crosswise while hanging and holds them in place.

    This looks somewhat easier to use as far as getting them on/off.

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    Yep, good idea...I'll have to copy that!

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