I make the dough in the bread machine, then shape the loaves, but it works fine if you let the bread machine bake it, too. Use either white or whole wheat bread flour. I use hot water out of the tap as hot as it comes. By the time you add the flour the lump will be at a nice comfortable temperature for the yeast.

For each 1lb (~500 g.):

225ml water (a tiddly bit less than 1 cup)
1 tsp salt
500 ml flour (OK, just a bit more than 2 cups)
2 tsp yeast (fast rising, bread machine or traditional, ša ne fait rien)
Oil (Optional) 1 tbsp

Put in bread machine in that order. Either take the dough out at the end of the dough cycle and knead and shape it, or put the machine on 'basic' and let it bake. I serve this bread in various places, and everyone says I make the best bread. I use traditional yeast if I am going to manhandle the dough, bread machine or fast rising if I am letting it bake in the machine. I have used traditional yeast in the bread machine and it works just as well. I add the oil if the bread is not going to be consumed in the next two or three days, as it helps preserve the bread a little.

BTW, tsp and tbsp are legitimate metric measures at 5 ml. and 15 ml., respectively.