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Thread: Don't Drink and Drive???

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    Don't Drink and Drive???

    Don't Antihistamine and Saw. Antihistamines make me sleep a lot. They also make me stupid (OK, stupider). The doctor Rx'ed some for me for a bad cold. He said this was much better than what they had the last time I was sick---15 years ago. Well he was wrong. I slept away four days of my life, was uncoordinated, slow thinking, etc.

    Anyway, a week later I stuck my hand in the bandsaw because I wasn't as alert as I thought I was. I am tremendously glad that I only sawed down to, and slightly polished the tendon---another 32nd of an inch would have been a major bobo. As it is all I got was a little slice. A little Bacitracin and a home made butterfly bandage seems to be all that was needed. (Well, right now some one-handed typing lessons would have paid off.)

    The attachment is NOT gory. It is my new, patent pending, don't bend this part of your hand splint. It keeps the wound from reopening when you use home made butterfly bandages. It is also handy if you drive in Boston. If you don't get it I will take another pic from a different angle to post.

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    Mr. Bradley, you have to take better care of yourself! Sure glad it wasn't any worse, Sir!!!
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    Take care of yourself...but you are like me, if I can figure out a way to take care of it myself, I will.

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    Be careful there, get healed up soon.

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    some folks will do anything for a good excuse to give sign language to us glad it wasnt any worse jim and i bet glenn scolded you proper huh
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    Glad it wasnt worse and nice repair job Doc.....
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    Now forever known as the band aid saw. Glad you decided to keep your finger!

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    Glad it wasn't worse Jim, You are correct Meds. and sharp things don't go together well at all. Heal quickly .
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    Ouch! You dodged a bullet on this one. Heal quickly, Jim.
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    Owie owie heal quickly!!!
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