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Thread: slow, crawl, frozen

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    slow, crawl, frozen

    I have checked back on this forum for comments that have been addeda few times in the last couple of weeks. It has been 2 weeks since any post on either of the latest threads! Just thought I would create some action by making a post! I realize that winter has set in upon many of us in a big way, and most of the forums seem a bit on the slow side at present, so thus my observation about slow......some are that way.......some seem to crawl, and I wonder if some are frozen like the weather!

    Hope everyone out there is doing okay, and not suffering too much under the can sure wreak havoc on communications infrastructure......high winds, trees down, icy roads and powerlines.......stay safe as possible out there!

    I guess the ground hog really did see his shadow, as it looks as if winter set in late in a lot of the country!

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    It doesn't matter. If the groundhog sees his shadow, we'll have 6 more weeks of winter, if he doesn't, we'll get about 42 more days. I have no woodworking activity during the winter, as my shop is my driveway, so I'm coccooned for now, on the coldest days of this winter. I am anxious for the temperatures to creep up to at least 10, so I can get my lathe started up again. I'm two years behind on my projects.

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    Glad you made the post Roger but, I am confused. I have posted the 3rd thru 6th and 8th thru today this month(?). Are you filtering the threads that you see when you click New Posts?
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    yeah glenn i wondered where he was coming from as well,, its not a flurry of topics but there were some and brent finished a project this year already
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    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    yeah glenn i wondered where he was coming from as well,, its not a flurry of topics but there were some and brent finished a project this year already
    I agree there hadn't been a "flurry" of stuff here, but I wonder if it's a combination of the time of year and type of stuff we're doing. For instance, I'm bad about not posting everything I do because some is just "craft" type things for around home or support stuff for my shop. Maybe I should be more active about posting photos of sweeping my shop floor or whatever, but sometimes that's the type of thing I do because I like to be in my shop regardless of what I'm doing. Now, having said that, I should be posting more frequently soon regarding my CNC build!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!
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    Roger, I agree with Glenn. There has been a steady stream of posts in a number of the various subforums here over the past two weeks. Are you sure your browser is refreshing correctly, or that you're not somehow filtering what's displayed? Are you just checking for new posts in the Woodturning subforums? That might explain it.
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    Yesterday was great I detailed a black 4 door Jeep, I was out in the sunshine all day. Actually took about 6 hours. The weather is supposed to be the same today. Tomorrow forecast around 30% so may not see much if any rain hope not as the light in the shop is poor I like detailing out in the daylight. I hope everyone has a great day,
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    I just have the turning subforums bookmarked...........I have not been to the others, so I was just speaking of the turning related forums.

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    I just recently joined, and I noticed that in the woodturning are, the posting was a little weak. But, I figure a lot are not going to put the regular run of the mill production items on here. I put three items already. I was not on here during the worst part of winter. My shop is a 3 car garage open in the front. And, it's a metal structure. So if the weather is too cold, or there's lightning around my shop is quiet. But if the sun is out and it's over about 30 or so I am out there. Even if it's too cold to run things in the shop, I can take one of the chainsaws and cut down some logs into blanks to rough out and then dry in the kiln. I guess I am not one to waste any more time than necessary. The weather causes a lot of work stoppage as it is, so if the sun is out I see no reason not to be either.

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    My lathe is buried, so no turnings lately, but since things have been a bit slow in the spinney world I thought we might dredge up some of our old threads just for grins, to show the new folks we really do turn and to get the creative juices going again. Some of mine can be seen here, there, or there and here, or here. Why not add some of your to this thread too.

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