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Thread: That was stupid.

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    That was stupid.

    AAAAAAArgh. I just destroyed a piece of a project. Making a picture frame w/ lap joints. Cut a stupid dado on the wrong side of the stupid board. Of course, it was the last piece to cut so I was almost done. And, of course, all the parts were cut from the same board, so now I have to go to the store and try to find a similar board. To top that all off, after I'd done it, I carried it up to the kitchen and said "Argh, I just ruined this and I don't have any more" and she looks at it and goes "Well, how'd you do that??" Really? Because I'm stupid and wasn't paying attention and that wasn't the right question to ask because you're smart enough to figure it out on your own especially when I just told you I ruined it.


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    Been there, Done that, but that doesn't help you.

    Lets just say I like to buy my materials in quantity for more than one reason.
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    I feel your pain, David. All of are subject to a slip - nobody is immune. Call it stupid or whatever, it doesn't mean YOU are a stupid person! Stuff happens and we move on.
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    Definitely not the first 'unplanned pratice piece' in woodworking... nothing to sweat over, unless it becomes a common occurrence, as it so does in my life
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    You burn to learn.��������. Been there done that. Better luck on next one.

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    I have NEVER done such a thing.....
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    Stupid is a harsh word. Hurrying, distracted, failing to be in "the now" all sound better than stupid. However, that is just what I call myself when I do something like this . We've all been there. My condolences.
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    the best thing to do is learn from it, and make notes of the best procedure for the next time you want to do that and put those notes where you can find them..
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    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    the best thing to do is learn from it, and make notes of the best procedure for the next time you want to do that and put those notes where you can find them..
    Well, yeah, it's because I was laying out as I went along. That's how I work 99% of the time and this time it bit me. Maybe I'll start laying out all the cuts ahead of time and x'ing the waste. Urgh. Still annoyed. Supposed to be a very simple project using up some wood that was taking up space and I blew it. And now it's snowing.

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    Cut the dados on the wrong side of the board? I'd never do such a thing! Instead, I'd cut the dadoes on the correct side, but I'd do one of the curved cuts on the wrong side. On the whole stack of five boards I'd resawn and planed down to size. My philosophy is if I'm gonna mess up, I might as well mess up big.

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