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    Anyone had a serious look at one of these.

    I would think for many Pros they would be a good cross over between a tool to use for helping out on projects such as making stairs or cabinet door euro hinge cut outs thru to carving and embellishing projects to customize them to customers desires.

    Price is $2800 includes the router thats acting as a spindle.

    Here are few videos of it in use

    (woodworkers journal )

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    Yeah I have seen that - looks really cool.

    I can see a contractor owning something like that on the jobsite.

    It would fit neatly in the back of the van.

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    If I want to cut stair stringers, I know how to use a carpenter's square.

    This machine is something you need for doing production, not handicraft. My problem with it is the statement "I just stand back and watch the Handibot carve my sign." I don't do carving, although I have done freehand lettering with my router. If I were to set up a carving, no matter how elaborate, on such a machine, I could not take pride in it as my own work. My hands wouldn't even have gotten in contact with the wood or the tool, how could I call it mine?

    Every year I see "craftsmen" at craft fairs and in booths set up in malls, making cute signs for people's cottages and houses with their predesigned scenery and stock fonts. I have nothing but disdain for these "artists" whose only recompense for their work is the money they put in their pockets at the end of the day. Most of them couldn't cut a door hinge recess with a chisel.

    I'll stay with my handheld tools, and do my own mediocre work. It is at least MY work.

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