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Thread: Value of used machines?

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    Value of used machines?

    A friend here in Austin is planning on selling a couple of his machines, and is unsure how much to ask...

    First is a Powermatic PM66 cabinet saw, in excellent condition, runs great
    • Optional 5 hp motor
    • Router Extension
    • New arbor - runs very smoothly

    The second machine is a Delta DJ20 8" jointer, also in excellent condition.
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    I'd be interested in seeing not only responses, but how people figure this.
    My views tend to be start at half of new (no warranty, used, etc), and then adjust for shape, anything needed, improvements, etc.
    It is only worth what both parties agree on in the end. He may see benefit to the router wing, the next owner may see that as something he needs to get rid of. The new arbor can be seen several different ways:
    There was a problem with the old (bad design, wore out in which case what else is wore, odd size needed, etc)
    As something that tech has improved and is upgradable to the newer model.

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    In my area, PM66 3 Phase generally run from $700 to $1200 while newer single phase run about $1600 give or take a couple of hundred. Those are the prices on Craigslist. Never sure what they actually sold for. Occasionally you see someone trying to hit a home run and are asking in the $2000 plus range. I really don't believe that is the correct price point because there are so many PM66s available where I live.
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    Whenever I am buying it seems like it is gold to them, when I am selling it is hard to get scrap price sometimes. I am not nor would make a good salesman. Good luck Charlie!

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    charlie for a long time the dj20's were the go to jointer, for some new woodworker they may still have some major value. if its the older model they are made better than the new ones but in todays market i think the combos are the way to go if they have the cash for them.. the helical heads are to wanted items and the companys that offer them installed are getting good sales.. the last old one i saw available went for $800, as for the TSaw i would say that half of todays cost would be a fair price
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    It's so market dependent it's almost impossible to say. Use Search Tempest and see if any have shown up on CL in the region and what they ;isted for. But I generally follow the 1/2 price thought that Randal mentioned. I was watching one near me for $1600 (5 HP, but no router table) hoping it would drop to $1200 or so. It was gone in 3 days.

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    Value of a used machine?

    It depends on whether you are the seller or the buyer!

    As a seller I'd be looking for 60% - 75% (condition dependent) of it's value new.
    As a buyer I'd consider paying 50% - 65% (again depending on the condition) of it's new value
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    You have to consider that used items are almost certainly out of warranty, and no matter how well taken care of, they are still used items. Even if BNIB, you probably won't get more that 75% of the new value. I reckon 50% is about what you should expect for a good used item, and maybe ask 60-65%.

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    50% if in good condition. Up to 60% is extra accessories are included. And the new arbor is a red flag in my book, too. I'd have to think, what caused the saw to need a new arbor and what other things could have been affected. Sweeten the pot with accessories is helpful. There is also the seller's urgency factor to consider.

    As a seller I try to abide by that pricing and then stand firm on my price. Longest time it took was 5 days and that was the motorcycle last August. Got my asking price, too.

    As to how long things stay on Craigslist. One never knows what the item actually sold for or how long it took. I have replied to items within a few days and they are gone. Others stay there a while, go off, and then come back with a lower price. Watching a drill press here right now. It says it has a broken mounting plate but the picture shows the table to be broken. They admit some 'simple' welding is needed. Cast iron welding is another animal and then there is also the milling. Tells me the seller has no idea and thus far the asking price is not worth the effort to educate him.

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    I paid $1500 for a very low time, but neglected 1989 model 66 four years ago. I'd gladly pay $2k for that same saw today if one popped up.

    If it is a 2003 or later Taiwanese piece of junk, it'd make a real nice end table.
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