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Thread: Jim Tolpin - Very Funny!

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    Jim Tolpin - Very Funny!

    While we were driving down from Bellingham to Seattle for the Lie Nielsen Tool Event, I started to get the idea that my wife did not want any my insightful observations as to route and what lane looked best. So I decided to catch-up on the blogs I follow using my phone. One of these was Marilyn Guthrie's "She Works Wood". She has a link to a video by Jim Tolpin you must see. I have attached the video here.

    There are so many coincidences in all of this. One, last week we saw Jim Tolpin walking around Port Townsend. I spied him from a distance with his massive black NewFoundland. Second, a hour after reading her blog and watching this video, I ran into Marilyn at the LN event. It is really a small world after all. Enjoy.

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    Thanks, Bill. Jim's video is very well done.

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    sure would like to meet him he enjoys life to the fullest from the way he is seen on tv and other locations
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    Met him many years ago when he was just getting known and working out of his garage. Made a lasting impression. He made a cabinet model with a door and a drawer - quality finish and quality hardware. It was about 1/3 scale. The drawer held his order forms and drawing pad. He sat down with his customer at their kitchen table and he showed how they could have quality cabinets at a fair price. Worked very well. Touchy feely sales approach. Have his original book stored somewhere.

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    That's very cool...and I love his dog (Newfoundland?)

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    Great video...thanks for the link.
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