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Thread: Tapatalk mobile phone app issue heads up

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    Tapatalk mobile phone app issue heads up

    Thought i would just share a bug and my fix in tapatalk.
    When u make a post from your phone and then use attachment to insert the image you want either from camera or from your gallery of images, if you attach more than one pic, the software still only labels all the pics with the same number of the initial one you add.
    It does actually upload all the pics you attach, just that it gets the file number wrong.
    So before you submit your post if it has more than one pic, edit the attachment number. Let the i itial image end in a zero on its number, then modify the attach number on the second picture with u will see will initially have the same number as the first.
    All u need do is make the end number of the second image a 1 then third a 2 and so forth.
    This way when ur post is displayed it will come out as intended. If u dont do this u end up having logg in from a computer and edit your posts attachments manually to get the correct image to display.
    Hope this makes sense to tapatalk users.

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    Thanks Rob, I think I've ran into that recently

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