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Thread: Getting ready for Spring Shows.

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    Getting ready for Spring Shows.

    Last week and week before we had some pretty nice days... so I put in some time in the shop cutting some bowl blanks and getting ready for the Spring shows... I turned out a couple of dozen bottle stoppers ... my inventory had dropped dangerously low... still have a few more to be finished and a number of pepper mills drying... I'll post the PM's later when finished... here is my collection of wine bottle stoppers... all but two are finished with the HUT wax system... 3 coats of brown, then 3 coats of white and a coat of Carnuba... turned, sanded and finish applied and polished at 1900 rpm. I use a pin chuck... a 3/8" steel rod with a flat for the pin, mounted in my Beall collet. From mounting to finish, takes about 20 minutes or so.

    Most of the woods are scraps from other turnings or cut-offs from pepper mills or bowl blanks... some of the Spectraply is from some blanks I caught on sale and stocked up... some are from the cut-offs.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The 4 with the double rubber bands are PSI's new adjustable - "non-leak" stopper kits... if you turn the stopper top, it turns the screw at the bottom and expands the rubbers to fit the bottle... not sure yet if I like them, the first one I did didn't work so well, but since I bought 10 kits, guess I need to figure them out so they do work every time.

    The cones and tear drops are all 304 food grade stainless steel similar to Ruth Nile's but and about half the cost... I bought them from a company out of Seattle.
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    Someone has been busy!! Those will sell out fast Chuck...good job!
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    Cool stuff! You're on a roll, hope its a good show year for you.

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