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Thread: belt question

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    belt question

    When I refurbed (new wiring, switch, motor) an old table saw I bought about a year ago, I put on a new belt. When using it I usually had trouble getting through the piece being cut. The blade just slowed down and stopped. Of course, I was mightly unhappy with this. I had put on a 3 hp., 220v motor and figured that would cut OK. When I calmed down and checked things out I found the belt loose. Puzzlement , it was new from Orschielns. I adjusted the tension and resumed cutting. Same result. Finally concluded the belt was stretching, and stretching and stretching and......... It is now at the max adjustment. Just how much is a belt supposed to stretch? And what is a good belt? I need to replace this one.
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    I've never heard of them stretching that much. Regardless, I try to stick with Gates and Goodyear brand names on V belts but I'm wondering if this is where a Fenner link belt would work out?

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    another vote for the link belt frank.. but they shouldnt stretch that much as you describe.
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    Link belt for me! Works like a charm!
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    Link belt here too. Not heard of one stretching like that, but usually use Gates brand myself also on other tools.

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    Absolutely go with a link belt. I put them on everything. Even if the belt doesn't need to be replaced. They will also minimize vibration from a belt taking a set in cold weather.

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    Another plus for the "Link Belt", Frank. I use them and like them. Aloha, Tony
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    Another link belt fan here.
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    Check your pulleys to make sure the problem is not there Frank
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    Did someone suggest a link belt? I'll be checking out prices. Thanks.
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