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Thread: Stain bleed out..

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    Stain bleed out..

    havnt stained wood in some time usually use dye or toner but this lady picked a color from my stain samples and so i am kinda hooked.. well took a sample piece of oak and sanded it out to the grit i wanted and then stained it with some valspar stain which is a soy based dye type stain. has some pigments but not much.. after two days at around the 60 degree temp and in frnt of the register it still has some shiny spots where the stain is still wet, i did wipe it off and so here is what i think ,, dont use the stain and get our master color guy to give me a recipe for a dye toner to match it up or use someones idea of how to fix it i dont know if sealer, (lacquer) will stop this or not.. any help is appreciated.. i knew i didnt want to stain wood
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    Oak is a PITA to stain. The stain gets into the pores and wont dry, and won't soak in well in the harder grain.

    I hate staining - especially oak! - but you might try using a seal coat of shellac, then follow it with a gel stain. I do like using Transtints, but even they are problematic on oak.
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    Cross your color to zar stain. Brush it on wipe it off and be done with it.
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