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Thread: How Small?

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    How Small?

    So I renewed my library card a couple of weeks back and have since checked out a few books on dust collection that the library had.

    Now I know we all talk about dust collection and how small particles are bad for us. 10 micron, 5 micron, 1 micron...yada yada, but words don't always compute for me, I'm some what of a visual person sometimes.

    Anyone else relate to this?

    So here is a visual I came across in the book "Collecting Dust in the Workshop", by Rick Peters, with a comparison to a human hair...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    That perspective defines what I've known for some time...that, by not using dust collection, I'm actually coughing up sawdust infused hairballs...move over kitty

    Really something to see, and, to think more seriously about.
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    That image reminds me of the picture shown to me in 1982 relating smoke hair and dust particles to the gap between the head and platten on a hard drive motivating a clean room for the Dec Vax computers we had. Lol. Flashback.

    Sure puts it into perspective for me. Does make u wonder about all sorts of normal dust in the home especially the amount of general lint coming off clothing given the tumble drying.

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