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Thread: We adopted a 'rescue' dog...

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    We adopted a 'rescue' dog...

    ... this weekend. Reba (formerly known as Misty) was found wandering around Kingwood (Houston) starving.

    We drove up to 'meet' her, taking the Cavaliers (avatar pic) with us. I'd made up my mind to NOT commit to taking her if there were any 'signs' of problems other than the reported potty issues. Potty issues we can handle, but not fear of people, aggressiveness or extreme submission toward other dogs, etc.

    Of course, she was wonderful. Obviously 'belonged' somewhere at one point... well mannered, not scared of a leash, and stands up and stands still for thorough brushing. Speculation is that she's either a poorly bred Cocker, or a poorly bred Cavalier, or a mix of the two, maybe 3-5 years old, and at 14lbs, on the petite side.

    She now has two brothers and two sisters, a nice bed(s) to sleep on, couches and chairs and welcome laps to sit on, and she'll never be hungry again.

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    We humans, and our canine friends, are lucky to have people like you around.
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    Good on you Kirk

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    Reba is lucky and so are you Curt! The last one we rescued lived with us for 12 years before old age took her from our hearts.

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    Both my dogs are rescues. I can not count the number of cats and dogs we have rescued over the years and found good homes. I still say that God sends them to us because he knows we will take care of them.

    The last one could have been on Animal cops. I found Sadie at an empty rental house I was appraising. I could count every bone in her body. She was very shy but we made friends after a while. I called my wife and told her I was bringing her home. NO WAY was I leaving that dog to die even though I didn't want another one.

    She went straight to the Vet and other than the obvious she was given a clean bill of health. Took her home feed her and gave her the medicine to kill the tick infestation. After feeding her I think I could have beat her and she wouldn't have left. Probably first good meal in months. Took at least a month before she would come to me, she just did not trust people and still doesn't trust strangers. She only made friends with my sister after she had been here at least a month.

    She went from a skinny 24 lbs to just over 50 now. Still jumpy and shows signs of her mistreatment but it's obvious she loves living with us. She stays in the Lab when I am there and goes where ever I go. LOVES riding in the truck!!

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    Atta boy Kirk In my experience, rescued pets are the best.
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    Our baby

    we got from the pound last November. Lost my 14 year companion on September 26 and swore that I would not go thru that again, but one day while driving by the Humane Society something pulled me in. Choclate lab between 2 and 3 years old that I fell in love with on the spot. Weight was 84lb when we adopted him, now 111 so put him on a veggy diet. Last weekend we took him up to some friends that has dogs to run in their woods and then on Sunday let him swim and fetch sticks for about 3 or 4 hours. He was totally wore out and could not hardly move for a day and half. Nice thing is that we have a 10 acre pond here so he will now get the exercise that he needs. Wonderful dog!!!!
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    My last three Schnauzers have all been 'rescue' dogs. First one - Shadow - was probably about five when she got us. Great little dog. Loved everybody. She was blinded in one eye when we got her, but adapted beautifully. Unfortunately, she developed cancer after only a few years with us, and had to be put down after a couple unsuccessful surgeries.

    Schultz was with us for thirteen years. He was two years old when he got us, and had been badly abused. It took a couple years to civilize him, but he was my almost inseparable companion for all those years. He had a debilitating stroke about a year and a half ago, and had to be put down. God, I miss that dog!

    Bitsy, the current little gal, is about seven years old, we think, and has been with us for about six years. She'd also been abused, and to this day is very distrustful of anybody but my wife. She is a little sweetheart, though. Hopefully, she's got a good many more years to be with us.

    We've been talking about looking for a companion for her, but haven't yet...
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    Very cool Kirk! We found our Lab through one of those rescue services many years ago. Everyone including dogs (and cats) deserve a second chance.
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    Congratulations on the new addition! My last three dogs (and one ferret ) all were rescue dogs. I wouldn't have it any other way after our experiences with them all.


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