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Thread: Weekend Weather

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    Weekend Weather

    Between Friday and Saturday, Albuquerque had the 9th largest snowfall ever recorded (since 1931, when records started being kept here). We had between 10" and 11" inches at our house when we got up Saturday morning. By Midday Sunday, nearly all of it was gone. Here's a pic I snagged on Facebook that sums it up nicely:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yep, some freaky things have been happening weather-wise this year!
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    Should be 'Weakened' endurance ....wouldn't mind snow so much here, if it came and went like that
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    Man I can't believe the nerve of some people, throwing all that snow into their neighbors yard...geez!

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    That's crazy!! Our snow should be gone by this time next week...negative night temps next couple of days, but then Mid 50s this weekend!!
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    That's the best kind of snow to have. Did you make a snow angel?

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    Ours didn't melt. We got another 7" yesterday, so it's about 1˝ feet deep in the yard now.

    Tomorrow's forecast is a bit scary, though - Calls for temp in the 40s, with an inch of rain. That much rain, on top of all that snow will surely make a total mess of things. Adding to the problems , at least in more urban areas than mine, is that the storm drains are al frozen over, so there'll be no place for runoff.
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    We got a bunch on saturday too. About 15" on the ground. It's melting fast though. Not going to complain about getting some moisture one lilttle bit with the drought we are going through every bit helps.

    We get on average about 7" a year, and the snow fall gave is about 1.5", so that's quite a significant amount.
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    I seen that happen when I moved to Roswell. They closed the roads between Roswell and Albuquerque that evening with 10 to 11" of snow and by noon the next day it was all gone. This ole Kansas boy couldn't believe my eyes
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    I have 30 - 36 inches deep in the yard all over.

    Got another 6" last night.

    It just is NOT melting away.

    I could off a foot or two and send it your way - I would still have a foot or 2 still in my yard.

    Oh - and my yard is at least 10 times the size of that yard in the picture.

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