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Thread: Workbench tease

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    Workbench tease

    Here fellow woodworkers is the beginning of my workbench. I got the timbers from a timber framing business that went under last summer. The wood is Douglas Fir (I think) and Oak. They range in size from 4x4 to 12x12. I plan in the next few days to pick through and get them in the dry so they can start drying out. As you can see in the picture a few have some rot, but only a small amount.

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    be sure to take pictures john
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    I am looking forward to your thread. Everyone loves a bench build!
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    That is going to be a great bench! specially because it is reclaimed Wood, I love it when we can give a second use to some wood that otherwise would end on the fire pile or junkyard. I look forward to see its transformation!!
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    Certainly looks like it will be sturdy!
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    This is going to be fun to follow!

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    Sorry you have to use such old wood, rather than that really fresh whitewood they sell at the big box stores. You know, the stuff that is so fresh it is dripping water?

    On a serious note, I will still be anxious to see the final product, and hopefully some pictures of the progress.

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    Slow, but a little progress. I got what will become the base brought in to dry. Planning on 5x5 for the legs. I have some oak that I cut 8/4 that's been air drying for around 5 years that I'm thinking of using for the top. Once this dries I'll use my mill to cut it down into what I need. The top piece is a 12x12x4 ft.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Step by step it will become a reality. Monster chunks of wood there. They look as if they were originally dry and rough milled; have they just been outside as far as what you are calling wet?
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    They were milled and dryer at some point. They've been exposed to the elements for probably a year.

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