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Thread: Look what followed me home

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    Look what followed me home

    Got this little Girl from the Shelter she looks like our other dog Poppy Mini Me. We call her Lucy and she is a Terrier mix of some kind we think

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    well she has found a great place to stay now for sure
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    She's a cutie, Jay!
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    What a cutie!

    I kind of hate going to the shelter, always want to take everyone home with me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Mooney View Post
    What a cutie!

    I kind of hate going to the shelter, always want to take everyone home with me.
    I hear you on that. I've been avoiding our shelter for awhile. I have little resistance. My wife and I have been married over 40 years, and only for the last three years have we been without a dog. Our last dogs were a Great Pyrenees that lived to almost 13 -- she was a shelter dog, and one of the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen. I constantly was stopped by people who just wanted to ask about the breed and touch her thick white coat. Our youngest daughter brought home an abandoned Rottweiler that lived to almost 12. These two big dogs were the best friends. I loved those dogs, other than when it was time to buy more food. That Rottie was a sweetheart, she didn't know she was a mean dog. She was absolutely terrified of our calico cat.

    We will likely get another dog this summer, after our travel is complete. We got used to being able to leave town on a whim, and have enjoyed the freedom. But it just does not feel right to be without. And since I retired a year ago, I need a dog to force me to get out daily and get a good walk for my exercise.

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    Cute lil pup
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    Cute, has the same smile as your avatar congrats and good on ya
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    She's a very lucky girl to have found a home with you and the Missus.

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    That is a cutie. I am really struggling since I lost Alex. My whole family keeps telling me to wait a while before getting another. I think I have awaited long enough...
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