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Thread: It's Friday! 3/6/2015 Edition

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    It's Friday! 3/6/2015 Edition

    It's suppose to hit the 50's here this weekend. I'm hoping to get a little shop time in to finish some arm glue-ups, but need to get some yard clean-up done too. I'm also expecting some CNC parts to show up, USPS says they should be here today, but not seen them arrive at the local depot yet.

    What's on everyone else's plates this weekend?

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    I'll be working on some small wooden boxes with wood hinges.

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    Same old remodeling - working in the living room - wall prep - Spakeling - sanding

    In th eshop - I REALLY need to clean and organize, then I will be making two more hummingbird plaques

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    Out to dinner with the wife tonight. Tomorrow morning is shop time until noon, then taking the girl to the play "Robin Hood" at the local playhouse. Sunday is wide open and it's supposed to be in the low something outside for sure!!
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    Today, I'm assembling the box for my CNC electronics and mounting the pieces and parts in it. Some gluing, then bolting stuff to the box, then a bunch of soldering. Fun stuff!

    Saturday, I need to finish a couple of pens for a friend and get them in the mail. Whatever time I have left will be spent on fine-tuning my CNC.

    Sunday should be our usual routine of brunch and settling in for the race - NASCAR in Las Vegas!
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    Today my wife and I pick up the glass Christmas ornaments we made yesterday. Our youngest daughter bought us a beginner's lesson at a glass studio for Christmas. It was fun, but the last thing I need is another hobby! But I've encouraged my wife to pursue if she really wants to do more. This would be a REALLY expensive hobby if you set up a home shop. Besides an outbuilding and equipment, the cost for gas might be a real shocker. The owner says it takes 3 days to bring kiln (oven?) up to temperature, somewhere north of 2000 degrees. He had two of those, one with molten glass, one for heating object, and an annealing oven running at 950 degrees.

    On the bright side, it was really cozy in the shop, with the snow and bitter cold outside. Maybe not so fun in hte summer ...

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    Seems like we just had this thread running... Fridays sure seem to come around often lately.

    It's still chillier than I want to be in the shop, may still go out for a bit later this afternoon... tomorrow we're going over the mountain into Georgia to visit son and DIL... her birthday was last weekend and with the snow and ice we couldn't get over to celebrate, so this weekend... it's a big number for her, first anniversary of her last accounted for birthday.
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    Playing a gig this evening at a local bar and grill, then the rest of the weekend looks like it'll mostly be spent continuing with the unpacking of the mountains and mountains of stuff LOML and I have accumulated over the years. The Yard Sale, eBay, Craigslist, and Donate piles have been growing all week, and will continue to do so.

    Sunday we're going with my sis and BIL to the Fiery Foods and Barbecue show. Should be a hot time.
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    Yearly homebrew club competition tomorrow.... Need to finish the brew spoon prize tonight Mostly done, just needs another round or two of sanding (400 and 600) - went all "organic" on the design this year, can't decide if I like it or not but its certainly different. Will try to get in a photo before it leaves my hands (its been dark-o-thirty when I get home still and my in-house picture lighting is way below sub-optimal).

    Also meeting a gentleman to look at Lion and dosch Miter trimmers, I don't NEED one but he's selling them for a pretty reasonable price so.. yeah.. I'll likely come home with one of those even if I don't win the brew competition (likely since it always seems like my best beer isn't on tap when this comes around, just how it works out I suppose).

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    I become a new Mom tomorrow. His name is Max the Kat. He is adorable but getting a picture thus far has been futile. Need another living thing in my living space. Pictures when I can. Also plan to make a Bradley visit tomorrow. Pix later for that as well. The elder AND the younger. Neener-neener!

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