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Thread: I'm a new Mom!

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    I'm a new Mom!

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    Meet Max the Kat.

    Already bringing my blood pressure down. Amazing, isn't it?

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    Awesome! Congratulations on your new little buddy!
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    Wait until he deposits a hairball on the sofa. That will get yer blood pressure back up there Nice to have a critter around to supervise....they are quite good at it

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    Congratulations on the new baby! Those furry critters sure can be calming - and otherwise!!! We have three of our own - two that we adopted, a third adopted us and another is spending a lot of time here now. Lucky us!!! All of ours are outdoor cats but have free run of the garage through a little door and my shop when I have the doors open. They're quite sociable!!!
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    Beautiful kitty.

    I like cats, unfortunately I'm allergic to them now, get near one and my eyes start to swell. Hard to believe as I once had about 20 of them on the farm growing up. Most were mostly wild, but I could always hold them since I was in charge of filling the food bowl(s). Never saw a mouse around though.

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    Congrats on the new "kid" ...

    We had a calico a couple years ago that only seemed to like me in the winter, so she could lay on my lap and get warm. She preferred our daughters.

    Once they left home she adopted me. She was an ornery one, and our Rottweiler (Taylor) was scared to death of her. Cat would sit at the water dish for minutes on end, with Taylor whining as though she expected me to intervene.

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    Max will have you tamed in no time...congratulations

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharon Korn View Post
    Max will have you tamed in no time...congratulations
    the only chance he has is that he has made the grade to stay on the couch there.. but i wouldnt take any bets on him taming her.. and i thought i had heard all of the excuses for a cat in the house but medical wasnt on the list.
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