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    The cold is gone, the cold is gone baby,

    Finally its broke and i want to ride, yo, not so fast #dave. Still working on PT for the knee and popping meds.
    Saturday maryland Bowhunting banquet. Something i can handle.
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    Well Dave i spent all day yesterday at the hospital doing pre op prep. Had to attend class which was compulsory and then go through all the admin and medical "flight checks" lol.

    Big day is next monday and discharge day 2 - 3 days later. Not looking forward to this one bit. Especially when i found out yesterday that they dont plan on quiet knocking me out the way i would like. Anesthetist said they will even wake me during the op. That did not go down well with me. I do not want to hear the hacking and sawing going on knowing its my body they doing it to. Apparently the way they knock you out now leads to less pain. Yet in the next breath the guy tells me this is one of THE most painful operations. THANKS...I said.

    Think i will take a walk this weekend even if i battle. May be the last for a while.

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    Friday: I should have my CNC machine powered back up before lunch today. The electronics are all wired together; just need to finish attaching the power supplies and throw the switch. I also need to complete two pens and a bottle stopper for a friend.

    Saturday: Need to do a few things around our yard - spray weed killer and plant a few things. Need to...maybe it'll rain...

    Sunday: Brunch and NASCAR, of course!
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    Rob believe me , YOU ARE OUT ! , These days they do a spinal block which wears off a few days later. It's the best way to go. Plus now they have this blood recycling device that uses your own blood that cuts way down on the chances of infection.
    How did your class go ? do you have any question. You'll get cathetered.
    Get a few pair of pajama pants. I have not been out of mine in 8 weeks LOL
    If your getting a ice machine that's great but you should get a few ice pack rapes to keep in the freezer , one the ice machine is gone you'll be using them a lot.

    You'll do fine. in rehab a little pain goes a long way to healing time.
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    I dream a lot. I do more painting when I'm not painting. It's in the subconscious.
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    Playing a show tonight at one of our local neighborhood pubs. This one promises to be extra fun, since we'll be celebrating a couple of birthdays. Today is LOML's and tomorrow is our bass player's.

    Saturday will be more unpacking and organizing, and hopefully get rid of some stuff via Craigslist and the dump. Sunday will likely be more of the same.
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    If it doesn't rain, planting some garden veggies and if it does, making a few more wood hinge boxes.

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    Tonight I'll be hanging with the Grandson and maybe a little shop cleanup later. Mostly working on yard work this weekend, I finished around the house, but still have the back yard/pool area to work on. Plan to remove a couple of panels of fence to make it all go a little easier (and chop up leaves with the zero turn vs. bagging them). Should have some more parts for the cnc this weekend, so more on it to follow.

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    My wife had a full hip replacement in 2008... her only comment was, "They better wake me up in time to hear the inauguration speech" (She's a news junkie)... they did, but I'm not sure she really heard much.... she was in and out of the hospital in 3-4 days, home with a home health nurse coming out every other day for a week, then twice a week for another week... today she hardly knows she has an artificial hip.

    About 5 years ago I had an umbilical hernia become strangulated and had emergency surgery for that... they kept me in the hospital for over a week... in bed for 4 days before they would allow me up, then only to walk the halls a little, then back to bed... couldn't even go to the bathroom, had to use the duck.... that was hard as I've never been able to pee in bed... finally learned to at least stand up beside the bed.
    I was gutted like a white bellied fish for about 8 or 9 inches right along side the belly button... about 40 staples and that was sore. I was still stapled when I went home and had to go back a week later to have them out... I lost 30 lbs in the hospital, they didn't feed me until the day I was discharged and only a thin broth that day. I could suck ice, but it gave me the hiccups and that hurt my stomach...

    Don't you just love all this good information just before you go into surgery.

    Good luck, pay attention to all the doctors, nurses and rehab techs instructions.... you'll do fine. Knee replacements, hip replacements and even shoulder replacements have become routine and commonplace.

    Oh and yeah, today is Friday 13th.
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    House work weekend for me. Took Max to the vet this morning for his mandated wellness check. He is fine. Right now he is perched on his blanket on the dash surveying his kingdom. Cleaning and laundry later. Checking out project management software. Sort out the Uno toolbox to put together some projects and learn that programming. This is to manage air vents in the new house. Nothing exciting but necessary none the less.

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