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Thread: ShopNotes Planer Sled

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    ShopNotes Planer Sled

    I just finished the planer sled showcased in Shopnotes issue 138. (The last one.)
    Since I had enough cutoffs and scrap pieces of hickory and poplar, I used that and only had to purchase the hardboard, tee-nuts, and 5 nylon screws.. So, not counting the value of my cutoffs, I have about $25.00 invested in this.
    Now if I can find some affordable lumber, I can start making something.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Well done Roger. I have the lest sophisticated version the Keith Rust put out in Fine Woodworking years ago. It kept me going till I got a larger jointer and still comes into service on rally wide material I need face-jointed. You will find it well worth the trouble to build and store.
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    Well, done, Roger. If I ever have room for a planer...

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    nice job! I made a similar one a while back and it does come in handy for taming some of those twisty pieces of lumber.
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