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Thread: App contributes to better life for rural people

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    App contributes to better life for rural people

    Well for once i was delighted to hear news from the old country.
    Its a incredible story inmo about how all is not evil in modern tech and how it can and is making a difference in the lives of rural indigenous people.
    So this Opthalmologist came up with a smart phone App that enables and empowers rural health care workers to gather information needed to diagnose and chart a path of treatment for people living in very remote areas of South Africa.
    The app uses the phones camera and communication means to gather and communicate information between on the spot health workers and specialists back at hospitals.

    Here is the app company "Vula"

    Can u imagine how it must feel to someone that had resigned themselves to living in blindness and then experiencing this process in their remote village.
    Keep in mind in that same village there is likely to be a tradditional healer that is opposed to this and sees it as evil interference etc reminisant of europe of in the days of Michael Angelo.

    So good to hear of a positive role tech can play.

    Have a good one.

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    Very cool! As someone who has lost his eyesight more than once, I can appreciate how miraculous it must seem to these people who didn't know that their condition could be cured. Bravo technology!

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    I had seen that one and another TED on the use of Cell phones to detect the sounds of chain saws to prevent illegal logging in rain forests. The cell phones were all older used/donated to the project.

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