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Thread: Thinking to buy a vintage tool

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    Thinking to buy a vintage tool

    Hi guys,

    I am thinking to buy an old stanley #8 jointer plane and good condition but I wonder if I can replace the blade with one from LN.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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    Yes, you can.

    LN makes a line of replacement blades specially for the old Stanleys. They're just a tad thinner than the 'real' LN blades, and they work great. Consider getting an LN chip breaker to go with the new blade, too. It's a marked improvement over the original.
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    Never looked but I know a #8 is a wider blade than say a #5. Might want to just check the web sites and make sure they make one for the #8. Probably do.
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    Before you buy a new blade, sharpen the one that came with it and try it out. The reason I suggest this is that the blade on a jointer is not as critical as on a smoother. You may find that you already have a good solution in hand.

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    I'm with Mike H on this one. Unless the #8 is part of your physical fitness program, I doubt if you'll spend a lot of time using it. Assuming the Stanley iron has sufficient length, grind it to shape, hone it up and take it for a spin. If you plan to use it mainly for edge jointing, I think that's probably gonna do the trick. If you're looking to face joint lumber or to flatten table tops on a regular basis [raise hands all here who do this] then a superior blade that holds an edge longer and is less prone to chatter would definitely be worthwhile.

    If you're lucky enough to land an early model Stanley with a laminated steel blade, especially a tapered one - then I wouldn't even think of replacing it.

    An LN iron that sits on the shelf from one year to the next for its 30 minutes of use is a poor use of your tool allowance IMO.
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    "I am thinking to buy an old stanley #8 jointer plane and good condition".


    Come right over here see the pretty slope push shove wheeeeeee there he goes. Yep I greased it up special just for you.
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