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Thread: Bowling anyone.

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    Bowling anyone.

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    that is some amazing shots that he pulled off don... wouldnt even be fair to play against him on a team
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    Sure there's a number of hours in practice but, there is an ability there that is just amazing.
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    Pretty amazing shots there.... my aunt and uncle bowled on a league in the Bay Area... my aunt was about 5 ft tall, weight maybe 100 lbs and bowled the slowest ball I ever saw... she threw about a 12 lb ball, it would start down the lane and look as if it would hit the gutter, she could go back to her seat, sit down and relax while the ball rolled in a hook down to the pins... I think in her league she carried about a 170 average.

    My uncle had a friend that threw so hard that the ball rarely roll much, just slid down the lane... he used an old alley ball that had so many pock marks I'm not sure it could roll.

    I loved to bowl, but never got all that good at it... did do a couple of leagues, but don't think my shoulder would allow it today.
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