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Thread: Suggestion for new forum or section somewhere

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    Suggestion for new forum or section somewhere

    Hey all just wondering would there not be merit in us creating a place where any member can post a link to a blog of other woodworkers doing something interesting so they get some exposure and we all get to see them in a single place.? It provides content for our forum which may be slow at times but keeps that content on woodworking and provides our fellow woodworkers with much needed exposure in these cluttered media times.

    Just a thought. I am about to do a post like this and thought it may be a neat thing to have a dedicated place for such posts.

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    As I see it, the only difference between a "Blog Links" subforum and the General Woodworking area would be that people could find all the blog links in one location. But realistically, how many members are actively seeking out a collection of woodworking blog links?

    Not including the Mod and Admin area, we have something like 37 subforums already. Do we really need another one, especially one that ultimately directs members away from the forum?
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    I look at Family Woodworking almost daily. I just ignore all of the sections that hold no interest for me (cooking, tractors, canoe building, etc.). I am glad all of these other 32 or 33 sections are here if we have members who enjoy them. They do not clutter up my life or waste my time because I just do not see them.

    On the other hand if having 37 sections makes life hard for the Admins. or if they are eating up our finances perhaps we need to set some boundaries.

    That's my 2 cents worth. But, who knows, a bit later in this thread I may have an extra nickle.

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    From an admin perspective, there's not really any additional overhead. From a moderator's perspective, they might have to go look at another forum, but I suspect most of the mods use the New Posts link to see what has been recently posted. So not much overhead on their part either, except for if things need to be moderated, which isn't often (knock on wood).

    From an archival standpoint, I could see the benefit of having like posts gathered together, which is why we created the cooking, music, and cnc forums. This was so that content wouldn't get lost in a bunch of off topic posts. We can do what ever the members would like, so discuss away and tell us how you would use such a forum.

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