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Thread: Friday, Friday, Friday!

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    Friday, Friday, Friday!

    Looks like it's going to be Sunny warm weekend here. Have a little yard work to do, but would like to get the garage and shop cleaned up a little. I hope to also finish tuning up the cnc and perhaps get a project cut out with it this weekend. Other than that, we're watching the grandson, so will be a pretty un-eventful weekend for us.

    What's everyone else got going?

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    final assembly of the display cabinet and delivery..on monday
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    Yard work this morning, then take down part of the rail and balusters around our patio. We're getting rid of our spa - going to a young couple who can enjoy it.

    Saturday should be some shop time - still learning how to use my CNC!

    Sunday - nuttin' but laziness!!!
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    Taking in a play, then dinner with friends. Maybe some more boxes.

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    We have company this weekend... my step son is in for his monthly rest period... he's a long haul trucker and gets home about once a month for a couple of days... we'll do lunch and just visit. He may take a busman's holiday and go for a drive up on the Cherohala or up to the falls to photograph the kayakers going over the little falls.
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    working on cnc stuff, and parts for mantle clock for a client....
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    More shuffling and unpacking of junk. Making headway, but still a long way away from having room in the garage to start bringing the stationary tools out of storage.

    Also need to get this piece of fresh elm cut into pieces I can actually move. It was about all my 1000 pound lift gate could do to get it in the truck. My BIL and I tried to roll it to the side of the house yesterday and made it about 3 feet. We then strapped it on a refrigerator dolly, but try as we might, we couldn't even tilt the thing back to roll it. Gonna head out to the driveway with the chainsaw here in a bit.

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    too bad you cant turn it that size, make a hot tub for the new house.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Arnold View Post
    Yard work this morning, then take down part of the rail and balusters around our patio. We're getting rid of our spa - going to a young couple who can enjoy it.
    Watch out Bill. I'm 90 and I still use the spa a couple times a day. Five minutes in the spa in the morning gets rid of all of that crappy morning stiffness. Then a nice cold shower gets rid of all of the cobwebs and I am ready to start the day. Then, if nothing else, the spa gets me all relaxed at night for a better sleep (No, I do not take a cold shower at this time).

    Enjoy and don't be surprised if your future includes a new spa,
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    taking the wife out to dinner tonight. saturday spending some time in the shop. Sunday my buddy grosvenor Virginia has a birthday I'm going down to the farm to say hi and happy birthday maybe do a little work on the turkey blind so I can have a place to sit that's a little comfortable for my leg. Then back to Maryland to my sister in laws surprise 50th birthday party so its going to be a long weekend. I'm working on getting off of the meds which is going pretty good.
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