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Thread: Black Cherry Hollow Form

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    Black Cherry Hollow Form

    This one is black cherry, probably crotch wood. There's some beautiful flame and curl in the wood. It's about 5" x 5", and I wanted a weighted bottom, so the walls start at about 1/8" thick at the top, tapering to 1/2" or so at the bottom. The foot's about 3/4" thick. It has a comfortable heft to it...everybody who's held it seemed to like the balance. Finished with Formby's Tung Oil finish. The local hardware store was out of Antique Oil, so I tried the Formby's stuff. I really like it a lot. This piece was given two coats, then buffed and waxed. The next day, I saw a spot where I'd buffed through the finish, so I stripped the wax off with mineral spirits and added one more coat of finish. One more very light buffing with white diamond, then hand-rubbed with Renaissance Wax. The pics don't quite show how glass-like it looks in person. I need to make some diffuser boxes or something similar for my lights.

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    Comments and critiques are welcome.
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    Beautiful, Vaughn! Just beautiful!!

    Nancy Laird
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    You just keep getting better and better Vaughn


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    5" x 5"......

    man, that is like as tall as a can of coke, right?

    I think I've been trying too big a scale......

    Sure looks nice, and with an upgrade to the photo tent, it will only look nicer!

    Yep, I'd say you are getting a handle on these!
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    Vaughn, you are a macine, just keep crankin them out.

    This one looks pretty good. The finish is looking smooth.

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    Very nice peice. The grain pops.

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    Absolutely beautiful, Vaughn. A visitor to our shop last week brought me a huge chunk of black cherry (about 24" in diameter) - I'm anxious to turn it now that I've seen how beautiful the wood is. I think I have enough length to get at least 4 good sized turnings.

    Yours are really stupendous.

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    Hey Vaughn.

    When are you gonna make a mistake I can find?

    Great lookin' piece.


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    Vaughn old buddy. Would you slow down just a minute so I can catch my breath and then catch up to you. Beautiful piece my friend. I like it.
    Bernie W.

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    Vaughn....You just keep cranking out those beauties! You've taken to HFs like a duck to water!

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