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Thread: Bosch REAXX demo video - The classic hotdog test.

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    Bosch REAXX demo video - The classic hotdog test.


    I came across this video on reddit the other day, and I don't think it has been posted here:

    The first 2 minutes are the same Bosch commercial (with the pounding music) that Ted posted over in the sawstop competition thread.
    However, if you fast forward through that, AFTER that section there is a show floor demo -- looks like shaky amateur video -- showing the classic hot-dog type test.

    They do the test twice, showing that the blade is not damaged, but watch carefully. The first time they test it is a misfire -- the blade has NOT touched the hotdog.
    There was speculation in the reddit comments that the blade touched the guard, but with the quality of video you really can't tell.

    Still it was interesting demo. Still, a few things missing:
    • I wish they had shown a closeup of the hotdog afterwards
    • I wish they would push the wood through a bit faster, to show again how little damage occurs
    • I'd like to know exactly how fast the blade drops, as milliseconds count.

    There's usually more than one way to do it... ........

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    Interesting...Now when they come up with one to retrofit my Unisaw, I'll really be interested. Until then, just super careful.
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    When the safety mechanism worked correctly on the 2nd test, it was pretty impressive that the bratwurst looked to be unmarked, but it was hard to tell whether it had any marks based on the quality of the video. Considering it is a new technology for their saw, I'd not be overly concerned about the false trigger on the first test. I would guess that Bosch will get this right. (Otherwise, a two-trigger cartridge for $99 may not be such a great deal ...)

    What bugged me the most is that the Bosch representative said "basically" in almost every other sentence. I guess I am overly sensitive to this. I used to do a lot of trade shows for a computer company, and we always worked with new presenters to alert them to any "odd" speaking habits. So few people realize they do something similar to saying "basically" like the Bosch presenter. It was always funny to watch people's expression when they watched their own recordings (me included!). I am amazed at how many people I listen to that cannot seem to discuss anything without using the word "basically". Perhaps it has replaced "like" as a filler in speech, which is perhaps a small improvement.

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