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Thread: Oh, my! It's Friday again.

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    Oh, my! It's Friday again.

    Where did time get such wings?

    Out to dinner and a play tonight with friends. Otherwise....

    Busy here with Holy Week and Easter services. Monday after Easter I am on vacation for a week. Got airplane tickets for a family visit. WooHoo!
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    Dinner out tonight to celebrate a family birthday. Tomorrow starting on a cajon drum with some of the BB plywood I picked up yesterday at the only place I could find within a 50 mile radius....$376 for 1@3/4", 2@1/2", 1@1/4", 3@1/8", plus a half sheet of 1/8" marine grade teak plywood to try as a drum face. Another dinner and theater tomorrow night and finally, some yard work to reduce snake habitat.

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    A little more floor sanding - then 1-2 coats of Satin Poly. There is already 3 coats on the floor.

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    Niece having a spend over with the girl tonight. Tomorrow might bring a dusting of snow! Sounds like a good time to get a morning of shop time in to me. Maybe a backyard fire tomorrow night. Sunday is wide open as of now....
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    Busy weekend coming up. Nice distraction after all the medical stuff.
    Tonight is Family Fun Night at my grand daughter Abbys elementary school. Pizza, games, and other fun stuff. Saturday is the Easter egg hunt on the village green. How they are going to hide eggs on a green covered in 3 feet of snow is beyond me Also Saturday I'm meeting up with a few other Lions club members to clean grills and other prep for Sunday's 43rd annual pancake breakfast. Sunday morning 7-10 am I'm flipping pancakes & sausages. They got me serving for my second shift. 10-12. I think we'll serve 300 or more people. Sunday afternoon will be taken up with some Trustee duties at church.
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    well as you all know been a rough week. going into the weekend pretty much thinking that as of next Monday I will be emptying my shop and moving it to the new shop across the street. hopefully I'm going to have some good help to do this otherwise is going to be very tiring and trying. but I am looking forward to just having a relaxing weekend because I can't do anything about any of this situation at all until after Monday and trying to keep from getting depressed. want to thank you all again for your prayers and support I am trying to keep a positive attitude about all this thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Gibson View Post
    ...Saturday is the Easter egg hunt on the village green. How they are going to hide eggs on a green covered in 3 feet of snow is beyond me...
    Easy - just don't color the eggs. Just toss them out into the snow!
    Jim D.
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    Dropping off the grandson at his dad's, taking my wife to breakfast, then maybe hitting the hardwood store Saturday. Need to get some stair risers finished this weekend, have some touch-ups to do to the kitchen cabinets, and get some furniture moved around for an upcoming event. Might get a little more time in with the CNC, but got a lot of maintenance stuff to get done in the next couple of weeks.

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    Have a wedding this evening...the last of my nephews is getting hitched. The reception is at a bowling alley, so it'll be pretty casual.

    Spending the rest of the weekend visiting with out of town relatives and doing odds and ends doing around the house. Also need to do a major reprogramming of my guitar gear. The folks at Fractal Audio released new firmware for the Axe-Fx (the killer amplifier/effects modeler I use), so it's like a new music store with over 200 amplifiers and another 200 speaker cabinets, and more effects and other goodies than I can count.
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    The spring Home Show is in Halifax this weekend. We may brave the crowd and head in with a list of things to inquire about, including options for a different approach to home heating and a longer term alternative for roofing, especially for the barn (I've had it with temporary asphalt shingles that claim "25 years!" and are done in 10), followed by some good food at one of our favourite restaurants.
    Lots of indoor and outdoor work options on Sunday.
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