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Thread: Ice Therapy

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    Ice Therapy

    Thought i would share this here having just got back from two sessions of physio today and now doing ice therapy for swelling.

    This is a neat gadget i wish i had known of before way back. By accident through internet i found out about it and highly recommend it.

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    Its a unit made by a company called Breg. Called polar care.
    Little cooler and for the lid the mounted a pump on the underside. You put water and ice inside then the unit pumps and circulates the ice cold water to a wrap that is made according to part of body you trying to treat.

    You only do it for 10 min at a time because it can get real cold and u dont want to trigger body hyperthermia defense mechanism as that would only get u more swelling.
    Can buy them online in a variety of places even on amazon.
    Well worth the couple hundred investment.

    I came up with using plastic drinking cups to make cylinders of ice to use in place of cubes.

    Lasts a long time.

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    A friend had one of those when he had his knee surgery. How's the knee feeling? Having any pain from the surgery?

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    Hmmm, got my taste buds thinking bourbon and a modified neck brace Hope it works well for you and that you're back up and at 'em in no time!
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    Re: Ice Therapy

    Quote Originally Posted by Darren Wright View Post
    How's the knee feeling? Having any pain from the surgery?
    This surgery is aomething of a miracle. I cannot believe that one can walk on it next day.
    Pain I am discovering seems to vary in definition from person to person.
    I discovered i have high threshold to tolerating pain.
    Trying to stay of pain medication and i only have. mild stuff by what i hear, but i am learning this is not a good stratrgy in this case. Its not conducive with doing lots of excercises which is more important at this stage.
    So i am witnessing what i missed at Rock Concerts in 60's 70's and feel high as a kite. Dont take much to do that to me. Trouble is, it makes me so light headed and drowsy i cannot focus on the excercises. So its been a battle to date. I am experimenting with a regime to regulate the drugs. Over the weekend i went through the weirdest roller coaster of emotions i have ever experienced. My heart goes out to my wife she is the best partner one can ever hope to have in a situation like this. But for a person thats used to doing a lot of different things constantly this is gonna drive me nuts. Just have to get er done and be done with it.
    Thanks for asking.

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    Had some surgery today and am enjoying a frozen corn pack as I write. 20 minutes on, 20 off. Cold is a good thing. Hope it's working well for you, Rob.

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    rob is your wife give you the shots in the stomach, Shelly was doing mine for me cuz I couldn't do it myself. the ice is your friend. moderating your drugs I found 1 every 4 hours for the first month and a half was what I needed and I've dropped way back since then. at this point the only time I'm taking the meds is before therapy and before I go to sleep along with a Tylenol PM. I hope you can sleep well.
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