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Thread: Dont discount value of smartwatch

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    Dont discount value of smartwatch

    A year ago i got a stealer deal on a Samsung Gear smart watch. Being a techie i thought lets give it a go at this price ($50) and see what all the fuss was about.
    Well i am old school so soon after i had played with it etc it sat on my desk. And recently i even asked my son to see if he could sell it at school.
    But since coming home from op, needing to use a walker to get about and not wanting to have to make sure my phone is with me given potential for a mishap, i realized the smart watch is back in business.
    Instead of one of these lifeline beeper devices i think these watches could serve the purpose and more.
    Of course its battery needs to be charged, but the lifeline type device also needs to have its battery kept in order. i am assuming they are non rechargable and merely get replace.
    When the smartwatch came out i never saw it in this light.
    For those that dont know u can text, dial and recieve calls all through the watch and yet phone can be 100ft away. Connects to phone via blue tooth network.
    I am thinking for those of you getting on that work in your shop on your own out back this could be a better safety device than a cordless phone. And its no more in the way than an ordinary watch.

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    I got one with my last phone purchase. I was like Rob and thought, oh wow, it's a toy. I was wrong, it is a great asset in the shop. I never miss a call, because my wrist vibrates and a pic pops up of the person calling. With the folks getting along in age, I find it very valuable.
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    I've had one for a few months now, ended up getting my wife one. She doesn't use it so much for the fitness stuff, but to see when she's got messages. She rarely keeps her phone on her, but now if I call or text she at least gets a nudge on her wrist to see what I need. Same for me working in the shop, used to miss most dinner calls, now hardly miss a warm meal.

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    Probably won't work for me... first, I don't wear a watch... I wore one for years and it finally got to the point it bothered me... irritated my I switched to a pocket watch... now that I'm retired, don't even carry that.
    Second... I usually take my cell phone - a flip type- to the shop and it stays hooked onto my belt in a holster... but if I'm not standing in the doorway, it doesn't pick up a signal... on the back side of my shop - 12 feet from the door - there's no signal.
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    Nobody ever calls me, so what's the diff?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Tulk View Post
    Nobody ever calls me, so what's the diff?
    Hey! Something is wrong with that...A good looking guy like you should be getting pretty girl calling calls all day, every day.

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    I like mine, a samsung gear fit. The size is small enough which is nice. I work from home, so I don't usually carry my phone around, so with the range it has it's nice to let me know when I get emails or texts and such while I'm around the house.

    I also use the timer a lot for cooking, because if I'm bopping around and don't hear the quite little buzzer in the kitchen, the little tap on my wrist let's me know to check something out.

    Definitely useful!
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