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Thread: Sheild Template

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    Sheild Template

    Last year I made 2 Route 66 Wall Plaques. It does not show in the picture but they are domed with raised letters.

    As a result - the scrap pieces would make beautiful templates. You would need to use a 1/4 inch template bit in a hand held router, and you would end up with the same shape as the Route 66 plaque.

    They will need a little EASY file and sandpaper cleanup.

    The wall plaque is 18 inches.

    The outside square of the template is 24" square, and the template is 3/4 thick.

    If nobody wants it - I will cut it up and burn it.

    PRICE = you pay shipping only.

    I have 2 available

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	sheild-1.jpg 
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Name:	shield-2.jpg 
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    A very cool offer Leo. I hope someone takes you up on it. This could also be used for a bowl template with a 3/4" bowl bit with decent success.
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    I just hate to burn them if someone would want them.

    BUT --- I > WILL < burn them

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